The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 2)

The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 2)

Dec 06, 2017

by @skypodmark

The Catalyst

A series of personal challenges proved to be the catalyst that brought our four minds together, and a plan was hatched. In early 2015 the decision was made to strengthen the existing design talent with a business skill set to create a team capable of bringing a product to market, and thus the Sky-Pod Clan was born. This band of Scottish brothers possesses an abundance of innovative skills along with their professional experience in Technical Textile Design, Digital Graphics and I.T., Operations and Project Management.  This diverse yet complimentary range of talents is truly Sky-Pod World’s secret ingredient.


Like most start-ups the journey has been very hard with many challenges overcome along the way. The team has worked for 2 years to bring the project through the various stages of product development and business start-up, supported along the way by our wonderful manufacturing partners.