The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 1)

The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 1)

Nov 04, 2017

by @skypodmark  

The Original

The designers from Sky-Pod created the original structure as an interactive textile sculpture back in 2002. The initial concept was inspired by Victorian crinoline architecture, remade from military grade materials for load bearing strength. This early prototype went on to form part of the ‘pod-life’ project in 2003, a socially engaged London art practice, touring museums, galleries, festivals and other public spaces as a suspended structure, meeting space or resting place for weary cultural travellers.


One of the Sky-Pod design team was further involved with tree tent design when approached by Tentsile Ltd in 2012 to help design and make a sample for their ‘Stingray’ tent, after they had seen our original pod design displayed at The Tree-house Gallery project in Regents Park in 2009. Throughout these early years a huge amount of feedback was collated from people enjoying the product and on reflection began to create a compelling case for bringing the innovation to a wider audience.