Summer festival season is here!

Jul 04, 2018

by @skypodmark

Sky-Pod at Timber Festival

To start the summer season off Sky-Pod will be joining Timber Festival  for its first year!

"An extraordinary new festival exploring the transformative impact of forests, celebrating woodland culture."

Tickets are on sale now, 6/7/8 July 2018.  Feanedock,  Rawdon Road, Moira, Swadlincote DE12 6DQ. We will be featuring a variety of looks for the Sky-Pod and giving people the chance to do some forest bathing whilst hanging between the trees.



The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 3)

Apr 25, 2018

by @skypodmark

The Sky-Pod Experience

The journey to date, with all its hurdles both personal and professional, has been well worth it to bring the Sky-Pod experience to the world with the hope and anticipation that it will facilitate people getting back to nature in a far more immersive way. The Sky-Pod ethos has always been to deliver an experience with nature that enhances ones health and well-being and rekindles that sense of adventure in people and we feel we have achieved that with our design innovation.


The next chapter for Sky-Pod is to welcome your feedback on the product and to hear your experiences connecting with nature to enable us to grow and develop the concept to meet peoples needs and desires. 


Get creative with your Sky-Pod

Jan 26, 2018

by @skypodmark


Configure to suit

Sky-Pod can be configured to suit your needs and tastes, in a multitude of ways. The base can be adjusted for a firmer or softer feel underneath. The product can be used without any fly sheet, with our house camo cotton fly, our mosquito net, or a combination. Configurations can be utilised for certain climates to achieve maximum comfort or of course simply for fun.


Another reason to use this fascinating element of Sky-Pod is for more specialist professional purposes. Perhaps you are a Wildlife Photographer or a Bird Watcher and want to set up in a location where you can remain for long periods, day and night. You can create your own bespoke setup to suit your practical needs.


Need a bespoke fly-sheet, perhaps for promos or a particular environment? More on that to come...



Forest Bathing with Sky-Pod (Part 2)

Jan 10, 2018

by @skypodmark

Pausing for Breath

Many Forest Bathing articles talk about taking a short walk through the woods, but we would like to see people pausing in the forest, switching off, and just being in the environment. Sky-Pod can be your focal point, hung in an idyllic location and configured to suit your personal preferences. The product provides your own ambient space in which to remain in the woods taking in a more immersive outdoor experience for longer. 


With this immersive experience in mind, Sky-Podding can become an Eco-therapy in its own right.  A place to just “be”, away from the pressures of daily life, allowing you to fully relax and recharge your batteries. You may find that sharing the forest with the other living energies in their natural habitat  is in fact a privilege to be thankful for. So we must bear in mind not to disturb but align and connect with these elements whilst sharing the same space.


Forest Bathing with Sky-Pod (Part 1)

Dec 17, 2017

by @skypodmark

Discovering Shinrin-Yoku

Whilst Sky-Pod may be seen predominantly as a product for sleeping in, it is also a fantastic space to spend time just relaxing during the day. I have spent many long days with the team in the local forests testing our prototypes and to take a break I would sit or lie in the Sky-Pod and chill out for a while.


The peace and tranquillity, the sights, sounds and smells experienced were just wonderful and I always found I was reluctant to get back out to continue with my work. When I left the forest and returned to the hectic life outside I would always be straining at the leash to return and just "be" in the forest. Unbeknown to me, it seems that along with the benefits I was conscious of whilst Sky-Podding there were other therapeutic processes taking place.


During this R&D period another member of the team came across Forest Bathing (or Shinrin-Yoku) through research they were doing. This in turn led to further investigation revealing the science behind the amazing experiences I was getting from our days in the forest. What I had been doing was in fact Forest Bathing, or perhaps more accurately Forest Floating.



The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 2)

Dec 06, 2017

by @skypodmark

The Catalyst

A series of personal challenges proved to be the catalyst that brought our four minds together, and a plan was hatched. In early 2015 the decision was made to strengthen the existing design talent with a business skill set to create a team capable of bringing a product to market, and thus the Sky-Pod Clan was born. This band of Scottish brothers possesses an abundance of innovative skills along with their professional experience in Technical Textile Design, Digital Graphics and I.T., Operations and Project Management.  This diverse yet complimentary range of talents is truly Sky-Pod World’s secret ingredient.


Like most start-ups the journey has been very hard with many challenges overcome along the way. The team has worked for 2 years to bring the project through the various stages of product development and business start-up, supported along the way by our wonderful manufacturing partners.


The Sky-Pod Evolution (Part 1)

Nov 04, 2017

by @skypodmark  

The Original

The designers from Sky-Pod created the original structure as an interactive textile sculpture back in 2002. The initial concept was inspired by Victorian crinoline architecture, remade from military grade materials for load bearing strength. This early prototype went on to form part of the ‘pod-life’ project in 2003, a socially engaged London art practice, touring museums, galleries, festivals and other public spaces as a suspended structure, meeting space or resting place for weary cultural travellers.


One of the Sky-Pod design team was further involved with tree tent design when approached by Tentsile Ltd in 2012 to help design and make a sample for their ‘Stingray’ tent, after they had seen our original pod design displayed at The Tree-house Gallery project in Regents Park in 2009. Throughout these early years a huge amount of feedback was collated from people enjoying the product and on reflection began to create a compelling case for bringing the innovation to a wider audience.







Sky-Pod - the exciting new tree tent sensation

Nov 03, 2017

by @skypodworld

Sky-Pod is a new and truly unique experience. Whether you are relaxing during the day or camping out at night, the combination of Sky-Pod’s innovative single point hanging and creative configurations offer a therapeutic journey with nature that’s too good to miss!

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